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Artifex Mundi Adventure Collection

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France 21/12/2016 44.99
Hong Kong S.A.R. 21/12/2016 30.16
India 21/12/2016 30.32
USA 21/12/2016 42.26
Canada 21/12/2016 32.24
Magyarország 21/12/2016 45.41
Singapour 21/12/2016 36.23
Brésil 21/12/2016 40.25
Japon X
Afriq. Sud 21/12/2016 34.56
Russie 21/12/2016 47.33
Colombie 21/12/2016 38.26
Argentine 21/12/2016 26.55
Mexique 21/12/2016 25.22
Taiwan X

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Are you the type of gamer that enjoys a full experience? Get this bundle of six marvelous games for the ultimate Artifex Mundi experience! Enter a mysterious Slavic heritage park, become a secret agent in a steampunk world, visit a magic forest filled with dark secrets, rescue your daughter from the clutches on an undead pirate, save a beautiful mermaid from a terrible curse, and investigate the case of a mysterious preacher...The world of Artifex Mundi adventures awaits!

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