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RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard Deluxe Edition preorder

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France 23/01/2017 94.99
Hong Kong S.A.R. 23/01/2017 77.16
India 23/01/2017 82.57
USA 24/01/2017 84.54
Canada 24/01/2017 85.99
Magyarország 23/01/2017 82.74
Singapour 23/01/2017 74.17
Brésil 24/01/2017 99.62
Japon X
Afriq. Sud 23/01/2017 86.49
Russie 23/01/2017 86.78
Colombie 24/01/2017 69.22
Argentine 24/01/2017 46.65
Mexique 24/01/2017 52.66
Taiwan 23/01/2017 83.27

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RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard, a thrillingly immersive horror experience, ushers in a new era of horror. The Deluxe Edition includes the main game, and three pieces of additional content:* Banned Footage Vol. 1: two unique scenarios and an extra bonus mode* Banned Footage Vol. 2: two unique scenarios and an extra bonus mode* Additional EpisodeNote: Each additional content will be released in order, following the release of the main game. Content is subject to change.Digital pre-order bonus: - Survival Pack: Recovery SetHDR enhanced for richer, more luminous colors.**HDR functionality available on Xbox One S with supported games and TVs.

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