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FINAL FANTASY XV Digital Premium Edition

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France 06/01/2017 94.99
Hong Kong S.A.R. 06/01/2017 73.22
India 06/01/2017 83.67
USA 06/01/2017 79.84
Canada 06/01/2017 80.97
Magyarország 06/01/2017 93.13
Singapour 06/01/2017 75.49
Brésil 06/01/2017 106.57
Japon 06/01/2017 101.01
Afriq. Sud 06/01/2017 87.71
Russie 06/01/2017 87.41
Colombie 06/01/2017 114.7
Argentine 06/01/2017 91.74
Mexique 06/01/2017 66.68
Taiwan 06/01/2017 73.69

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The FINAL FANTASY XV Digital Premium Edition contains FINAL FANTASY XV along with six (6) instalments of additional content, including original episodes and an all-new gameplay mode, that will become available over time following the game's release, all for a special price.FINAL FANTASY XV (Main Game)Holiday Pack +Booster Pack +Episode GladiolusEpisode IgnisEpisode PromptoMultiplayer Expansion: ComradesThe “FFXV Holiday Pack +” and “FFXV Booster Pack +” are available to purchasers of the FINAL FANTASY XV Season Pass and contain different items to those included in the free versions.The “FFXV Holiday Pack (Free Version)” and “FFXV Booster Pack (Free Version)” are extra bonus content available to all customers who have purchased FINAL FANTASY XV.The Digital Premium Edition comes with the following bonus items: In-Game Camera KitIn-Game Platinum Leviathan Recolour

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