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Best prices for Momonga Pinball Adventures

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France 5.99   View on Microsoft.com
USA 5.58   View on Microsoft.com
Canada 4.14   View on Microsoft.com
Brazil 3.55   View on Microsoft.com
South Africa 4.89   View on Microsoft.com
Russia 4.44   View on Microsoft.com
Mexico 3.89   View on Microsoft.com
Taiwan 5.37   View on Microsoft.com
Germany 5.99   View on Microsoft.com
Spain 5.99   View on Microsoft.com
England 5.72   View on Microsoft.com
Turkey 3.79   View on Microsoft.com
Poland 5.34   View on Microsoft.com
Saudi Arabia 6.71   View on Microsoft.com
Czech Republic 4.42   View on Microsoft.com
Swenden 6.15   View on Microsoft.com
Norway 4.03   View on Microsoft.com
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Momonga is a unique pinball game, where you bounce through different worlds. On the way, you team up with friends to defeat enemies and conquer bossfights. A little flying squirrel takes on the forces of evil - join Momo, Panda and Fry in a quest to save the momongas from the claws of the evil owls.


Momonga Pinball Adventures is a different kind of pinball. Instead of regular cabinets, you bounce a flying squirrel through different levels. Enemies, boss fights, exploration - it has all the ingredients of good old action-adventure games, but with flippers!


Join Momo in an epic adventure to save his tribe. One day, evil owls turned the momonga village to ashes. They took the momonga tribe and vanished. Only one momonga got away: young Momo barely survived the attack, and was left for dead. After the raid, Momo was found by a panda in the outskirts of the village. A scar went deep from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. The panda brought him to his sanctuary to heal his wounds.

This is where the story begins. Help Momo face the owls and free his tribe. Only a little flying squirrel can face the forces of evil.


- Unique pinball with a twist
- Action-packed gameplay
- 9 storyline levels
- 3 bonus level minigames
- 45 challenging Challenges
- Leaderboards
- Achievements

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