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Best prices for Multiplayer Content Pack

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Best prices for Multiplayer Content Pack

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*For Multiplayer Use Only
Includes 3 copies of every Skill from the Psycho, Optical, and Nature schools and a 2-School Arsenal.

The Multiplayer Content Pack for Phantom Dust takes your multiplayer game to a new level with 3 copies of all Skills from the Psycho, Optical and Nature schools, as well as a 2-School Arsenal to create your deck!

The Psycho school provides telekinetic Skills to move objects with your mind and effective close to mid-range attacks. Attack power is high so these Skills are great for aggressive styles.

The Optical school uses the power of light. These Skills provide many fast mid to long-range attacks. Optical defensive Skills don’t provide high protection but are low cost. Employ these Skills for effective long-range combat styles on larger stages.

The Nature school draws its powerful Skills from nature and the environment. It’s best used for close to mid-range play styles and has many defensive options. Skills are higher cost but powerful and versatile, and many can affect everyone in the environment, including the player.

This content can be applied once per save profile.
Download the content again to apply to new save profiles.

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