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12000 FIFA 17 Points Pack


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France 99.99  
Hong-Kong 97.5  
USA 94.62  
Canada 93.65  
Singapore 86.69  
Brazil 91.34  
Japan 105.07  
South Africa 88.06  
Russia 98.04  
Mexico 69.34  
Taiwan 91.86  
Germany 99.99  
Spain 99.99  
England 94.51  
Australia 87.46  
Turkey 84.72  
Poland 92.84  
Saudi Arabia 100.68  
Czech Republic 109.45  
Swenden 105.18  
Norway 90.75  
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Use your 12000 FIFA Points Pack to open packs and build your Ultimate Team™ even faster.BUILD - Build your squad with over 12,000 players. Choose your favorites or pick players that fit your style of football.MANAGE - You can open packs or use the Transfer Market to acquire new players that can enhance team chemistry.COMPETE - With millions of games played daily, there is always an opponent ready in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team™.REQUIRES FIFA 17 ON APPLICABLE PLATFORM (SOLD SEPARATELY), INTERNET CONNECTION AND EA ACCOUNT TO PLAY.

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