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أنظر الى أسعار Fear Effect Sedna

لم يتم تحديث هذه اللعبة من 96h مضت. جارٍ تحديث السعر
متجر تحويل ربط
France 19.99  
Hong-Kong 13.71  
India 25.06  
USA 18.06  
Canada 18.31  
Singapore 16.22  
Brazil 15.99  
South Africa 19.56  
Mexico 17.25  
Taiwan 15.55  
Germany 19.99  
Spain 19.99  
England 17.66  
Australia 15.23  
Turkey 10.95  
Poland 18.12  
Saudi Arabia 17.22  
Czech Republic 21.29  
Swenden 18.57  
Norway 18.01  
Israel 24.68  
Italy 19.99  
Portugal 19.99  
South Korea 14.56  
Russia 18.18  

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تاريخ السعر


Thrilling action and stealth gameplay enhanced by the Fear system, an exciting story and ultra-stylish cutscenes. Harness your team’s dynamic abilities to tackle enemies and puzzles like never before. This is the quintessential sequel for existing fans and a perfect starting point for newcomers.

• The Fear Effect: When your fear meter rises, you will be more susceptible to injury but will receive a boosted damage output and special abilities. Deny fear with stealth and strategy through the new isometric viewpoint and Tactical Pause feature.

• Enter the spirit realm: Encounter mystical forces of the Inuit and supernatural creatures of the spirit realm. Will you dare to face the unexpected?

• Cinematic cut scenes: Striking animated visuals bring life to a wild, engaging story and dynamic characters.

• An array of weapons and character abilities: From silenced pistols and defensive turrets to flamethrowers and monstrous transformations!

(Source : http://microsoft.com)


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