Argentina Xbox Live Giftcard (ARS)

Ah! This good old Argentine store, which makes us all dream with its attractive prices, but almost inaccessible by most of us…. But that may change!

As you have seen recently, the ARS giftcards (Argentina) are starting to be sold everywhere (G2A, SeaGM et MTCGame), whereas they was only on sale for several weeks on the G2A website.

A high enough price

Their prices are quite high, currently for 500 ARS it varies between 17 and 20€.
Knowing that 500 ARS is worth 11.62 EUR, we are almost twice its true value!

Why do resellers make so much profit?
It’s simple, there’s too much demand in relation to supply, for the moment….

Now that there are more and more resellers compared to a few days ago, it is to be hoped that the price will decrease.
+ more resellers => more competitors => lower sales prices.

Just look at the Turkish giftcards, a few months ago their prices were very high.
Now, we find them almost at their true values, about 17€ per 100 TR !


Good deals

If ARS giftcards are expensive at the moment, are they useful?

And yes! despite the fact that we pay 2x more for ARS giftcards than their real values, it can always be interesting!
But be careful, not on all games! We have to sort it out…

Some examples :

Metro Exodus Edition Gold :

This game costs 724 ARS on the Argentinian store, taking it with giftcards, it costs us about 30-33€.
Which is still a very competitive price!


13500 V-BUCKS Fortnite :

The 13500 Vbucks cost 749 ARS on the Argentinian store, with giftcards it also costs 30-33€.


Do you know any other interesting games like that? Tell us in the comment area! ! 😉



Be careful!

According to several feedback, the Argentinian store seems to be affected by the same security as the Turkish store.

The first time, you can get an error message on the Microsoft site when you want to buy your game.
Don’t panic! Just wait about 3 days, and try again, it should work fine 😉

This Microsoft security also exists on the Turkish store, here is an article : The problem of the turkish store

47 Replies to “Argentina Xbox Live Giftcard (ARS)”

  1. Igor says:

    Just dont buy it yet… Lets wait for fair prices, they need to feel that they cant sell AR cards with that price.

  2. Piemento 22 says:

    The Moment we all waited for ruined by these garbage prices. SAD!

  3. Kryki88 says:

    To buy by Gift card in Argentinian Store I need VPN ? or enought only Argentinian address , like in Turkey, US, Russia etc. ??

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      No VPN with giftcard 😉

      1. Kryki88 says:

        I want buy Far Cry 5 by computer, not by console. I have to add Argentinian address to my account. Could you give me sample address for Argentina ?

        1. Julien Huriez says:

          I use this address :

          Posadas 1086/88

    2. Jiri Kriz says:

      No only change location in Xbox on Argentina, redeem Argentina code and enjoy 😉

  4. Jiri Kriz says:

    Yes! I bought the Xbox Live Gift Card Argentina at G2A. It is now madly overpriced, roughly from the second half of 2018.

    I hope that this year will make it bigger and I will be able to save dozens of games.

  5. Gabriel Burdese says:

    The price posted here not is fully true. The gift cards of 500 AR$ really price is 605 AR$ because Argentina paid VAT of 21% for this cards

  6. Káosz says:

    I bought Metro Exodus GOLD o/ Thx the info.

  7. Piemento 22 says:

    Is the new digital sales tax already in the price, or is it like the U.S store with most states that you basically have to put higher credit into your account before you buy?

  8. Dennis says:

    Nice, now please add AR CURRENCY.

  9. Oscar says:

    After 3 days still no luck buying games with my Argetina Giftcards 🙁

    1. Mark says:

      I had to wait 10 days when I did this with the Turkish gift cards, be patient.

      1. Oscar says:

        It should be done in 72 hours, not 10 days!

        1. Mark says:

          Just telling you from experience…

          1. Ben Venter says:

            I bought Turkish gift cards more than 2 weeks ago. Still not working.

          2. Julien Huriez says:

            Have you tried to wait 3 days without attempt buying?

          3. Ben Venter says:

            I waited 2 weeks without attempting to buy. Still can’t.

          4. Julien Huriez says:

            Arf.. very strange : Maybe try to contact Microsoft?

          5. milic95 says:

            On store don’t have anymore 13500 vb in argentina

          6. Julien Huriez says:

            Yes.. same for me, i don’t know why

          7. Ben Venter says:

            Tried again yesterday and it worked.

        2. Julien Huriez says:

          it’s on average 3 days but some people have already waited about ten days, it’s random..

        3. Oscar says:

          Works now! Changed my billing address to Argetina and did try to buy stuff for over 3 days!

  10. Robert Guz says:

    Guys i bought 1000 ars and cant use them, i get an error that my payment cant be done 🙁

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Hi, yes, argentina has the same security than Turkish store.
      You need to wait 3 days without attempt to buy, and retry.

      Check this post for turkish store, it’s the same :

      1. Robert Guz says:

        I see people say it dosent work..:(

        1. Kryki88 says:

          Yesterday I bought 300 ARS and bought Far Cry 5 . Everything is fine. Game is working

          1. Robert Guz says:

            how?? without the waiting 3 days/10 days? can you please teach me sensei 😀

          2. Julien Huriez says:

            It’s random 🙁

            You can try to change your region to Argentina in your microsoft profile here :
            Wait 3 days, and try to purchase.

            I don’t know if it’s going to change anything, but it’s worth a try.

            Keep us informed! 🙂

          3. Robert Guz says:

            Ok, i will return but the guy above did it instantly, how?

          4. Julien Huriez says:

            I repeat, it’s random.
            A friend was able to buy instantly on the Argentinian store, whereas he had to wait 4 days on the Turkish store

          5. Kryki88 says:

            I buying Games in Turkish and now in Argentina store and I never had a problems with “waiting”
            In my account I have Turkish and Argentinian, US and Russia addresses,
            When I want to buy a game in Turkish, I set address as a main “for invoices and delivery”.
            Next step is to buy a Gift Card. I always buy in MTC Game.
            When I received reedem code, then I can start buying Game.
            Set the store for a Turkey. Choose a game and I click button “Satin Al” , next “Geri lkalanini nasil odemek istersiniz” >> “Yeni bir odeme yontemi ekleyin” >> “Hediye karti kullan ”
            In this place I put my reedem code and again need push the button “Satin Al”

            That’s all. Probably You make it the same.

          6. Robert Guz says:

            i add them to the account and they try to buy, i dont know how at some work and at others no

          7. Faris says:

            I wanna sell an account with 4,800 ARS xbox gift card if someone want to buy it contact me to this email : [email protected]

          8. Faris says:

            I wanna sell an account with 4,300 ARS xbox gift card = 145$ if someone want to buy it contact me to this email : [email protected]

      2. Robert Guz says:

        Done it, for me worked after 10 days, with / w/o trying between days.

  11. jake madeline says:

    guys, when I try to purchase with gift card it gives me an error and states the payment cannot be processed.

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Hi! yes, argentina has the same security than Turkish store.
      You need to wait 3 days without attempt to buy, and retry.

      Check this post for turkish store, it’s the same :

      1. Ben Venter says:

        The link you are posting doesn’t work.

  12. Adrian Opozda says:

    Hi! I can sell you codes from Argentina Microsoft Store with a smaller fee than others. All you need is an Argentine VPN. Write to me on WhatsApp 0048506815214.

  13. Adrian Opozda says:

    I can sell you codes from Argentina MS Store. All you need is vpn.

  14. Harold D says:

    I am unable to change my Microsoft addressbook addresses anymore, they can’t be edited they are all greyed out

    1. Nektarios says:

      Why not open a new one?

  15. swift justin says:

    My account region is HK and I’m physically at US, I waited more than 3 days to successfully preorder metro exodus in Argentina store(during the 3 days I kept trying to purchase everyday and they all failed), then immediately I can’t buy the division 2, so in my case the security takes effect every time I make a purchase, I’ve already waited 24 hours since I purchased metro exodus and the division 2 still doesn’t go through, I don’t know how long should I wait again…

    1. swift justin says:

      i succeed purchasing division 2 just now! it is 48 hours after the purchase of metro exodus, and i have been keeping trying

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