Deals With Gold – Deals of the week on Xbox One – 10/04/2018

Here are deals of the week on the Xbox Store!

5 Replies to “Deals With Gold – Deals of the week on Xbox One – 10/04/2018”

  1. bayerlaus says:

    Aren’t many dlcs on sale this week as well?

    1. Liam P Caffrey says:

      I think this is technically part of the Spring sale rather than Deals with Gold, but yes they are.

      1. Julien Huriez says:

        Yes ! i’ll try to publish a post for Dlcs Spring Sale today or tomorrow.
        I’m busy with the server 🙁

  2. Tommy Tomorrow says:

    Some say on reddit there also are xbox 360 games: Alien Breed 2, Alien Rage, Battlefield 1943 and Grid Autosport

    1. Tommy Tomorrow says:

      Ok, it seems there’s no backward compatibility with those titles I’ve mentioned above.

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