New server!

As you can see, the site has slowed down a lot in recent days.
So I had to choose a new server much more powerful and faster for Xbox-Store-Checker 😉

The server is now live, there are only a few small optimizations left to do.
Thank you all for your patience, and again sorry.

The spring sales publication (DLCs) is now online.

I also thank you for all your very interesting suggestions that you gave during the March 2018 contest! Some of them came back very often, such as the “dark” mode, the favorite list, the account system, or the fact of always keeping the choice to see stores with/without gift card.

I am currently developing a new feature that should interest you a lot 😉
After that, I will probably start developing the account system + favorite list.

3 Replies to “New server!”

  1. Daniel S says:

    Great news. 👍

  2. André Eidler says:

    Congrats Julien! Brilliant work as always! Dude, I didn’t forget your pages ok? Promess that I’ll release them as soon as possible.

  3. Ayrton says:

    Good shit bro, cant wait to see what the new feature.

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