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See prices of 245 Gold Bars

Store Convert Link
France 74.99  
Hong-Kong 67.25  
USA 67.24  
Canada 66.05  
Singapore 67.21  
Brazil 51.03  
Japan 82.51  
South Africa 74.75  
Argentina 33.6  
Mexico 58.4  
Taiwan 72.64  
Germany 74.99  
Spain 74.99  
England 79.44  
Australia 69.7  
Turkey 36.71  
Poland 71.75  
Czech Republic 69.67  
Swenden 75.3  
Norway 73.62  
Israel 67.59  
Italy 74.99  
Portugal 74.99  
South Korea 63.17  
Russia 67.45  

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Sensible folk setting out on the plains know to buy in bulk to prepare for any eventuality. Your purchase of the 245 Gold Bar package will have your coffers filled for the adventures the world of Red Dead Online has to offer. You’ll pay less per bar than the 150 Gold Bar package, so you can get the weapons and adornments you are entitled and be well prepared for comfort or combat, whichever comes first, or both should you so choose.

The frontier is a lawless place where nothing can be taken for granted… except for the trading power of cold hard bullion. With Gold Bars you can quickly unlock all manner of goods in Red Dead Online; from custom modifications to your weapons to horse kits to unique items for your camp. While life on the range is full of doubts and uncertainties, Gold Bars can be relied upon to set you apart from the pack.

Certain limits apply to purchase, use, and redemption. See EULA www.rockstargames.com/eula and Terms of Service www.rockstargames.com/legal for details. For customer and technical support, please visit www.rockstargames.com/support.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

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245 Gold Bars is a DLC that works on these games


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