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  • Release date : 28/08/2024

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Store Price Discount Convert Link
France 49.99 (EUR)   49.99  
Hong-Kong $ 265 (HKD)   31.39  
USA $ 49.99 (USD)   46.23  
Canada $ 54.99 (CAD)   37.06  
Singapore $ 71.9 (SGD)   49.34  
Brazil R$ 169 (BRL)   28.93  
Japan ¥ 6400 (JPY)   37.74  
South Africa R 749 (ZAR)   37.65  
Mexico $ 665 (MXN)   32.8  
Taiwan NT$ 1688 (TWD)   48.41  
Germany 49.99 (EUR)   49.99  
Spain 49.99 (EUR)   49.99  
England £ 37.99 (GBP)   44.95  
Australia $ 64.99 (AUD)   40.04  
Poland 215 (PLN)   49.62  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 185 (SAR)   45.63  
Czech Republic 1299 (CZK)   52.67  
Swenden kr 569 (SEK)   50.7  
Norway kr 579 (NOK)   50.61  
Israel 189 (ILS)   47.26  
Thailand ฿ 1770 (THB)   44.65  
Italy 49.99 (EUR)   49.99  
Portugal 49.99 (EUR)   49.99  
South Korea 49900 (KRW)   33.7  
MTCGame 40.23 (EUR)   40.23  

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Embark on a gaming journey of first-class offerings with the Age of Mythology: Retold Premium Edition. Curated to offer an elevated gaming experience at launch and beyond.

The Premium Edition includes the full game, up to 7-day advanced access, New Gods Pack: “Freyr”, Legacy Deity Portrait Pack, Expansion 1 (all-new Chinese pantheon expansion) and Expansion 2 (additional new pantheon). *

Standard Game: the complete Age of Mythology: Retold experience

Up to 7-day Advanced Access: Step into the divine realm before time itself with exclusive early unlock to the game available on Xbox, Steam and PC. *

New Gods Pack: “Freyr”: Age of Mythology: Retold Premium Edition adds Freyr to the Norse pantheon. Unleash the power of the Norse god of prosperity and fertility with the Freyr God Pack. The blessings of Freyr will elevate your reign to unprecedented heights.

Legacy Deity Portrait Pack: a nostalgic journey back to the origins of gaming greatness. Relive the glory days of gaming with this special pack, which offers players the option to use iconic deity portraits from the classic game that captivated audiences worldwide.

(2) Upcoming Expansions: Prepare to embark on new epic sagas yet untold with two yet to be revealed and highly anticipated upcoming expansions. *

Expansion 1: All-New Chinese pantheon expansion

Expansion 2: additional new pantheon expansion

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