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  • Release date : 14/09/2017
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France 29.99  
Hong-Kong 18.19  
India 19.16  
USA 26.75  
Canada 19.95  
Singapore 25.95  
Brazil 13.5  
South Africa 14.99  
Mexico 18.58  
Germany 29.99  
Spain 29.99  
England 26.94  
Australia 24.53  
Turkey 11.56  
Poland 23.49  
Saudi Arabia 32.47  
Czech Republic 23.44  
Swenden 28.11  
Norway 25.48  
Israel 32.21  
Italy 29.99  
Portugal 29.99  
Russia 26.82  

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Baja: Edge of Control HD is the carefully remastered version of the original off-road racer from 2008 and contains more than 1,000 miles of the toughest terrain including the steepest mountains, thickest mud and deepest canyons known to man.

Only the HD version features much crisper and more detailed visuals running at super smooth framerates in up to 4K screen resolution along with improved controls, user interface and an easier career start.

4 player split screen and online multiplayer

More than 160 vehicles to choose from

Repair vehicle damage via truck and helicopter teams

Revolutionary vehicle physics respond to every bump and rut you drive over

200 authentic vehicle parts to fine-tune the performance of your off-road machine

More than 100 tracks, nine open worlds and 1000 miles of drive-to-horizon landscape

Lots of different events, including Hill Climb, Baja Endurance Rally, Circuit Tracks and more

(Source : http://microsoft.com)


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