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  • Release date : 25/10/2019

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France 69.99 (EUR)   69.99  
Hong-Kong $ 468 (HKD)   49.71  
India 4000 (INR)   44.96  
USA $ 59.99 (USD)   49.47  
Canada $ 79.99 (CAD)   54.13  
Singapore $ 79.4 (SGD)   49.34  
Brazil R$ 229 (BRL)   37.42  
Japan ¥ 8726 (JPY)   65.38  
South Africa R 999 (ZAR)   59.81  
Mexico $ 1300 (MXN)   53.51  
Taiwan NT$ 1835 (TWD)   54.86  
Germany 69.99 (EUR)   69.99  
Spain 69.99 (EUR)   69.99  
England £ 59.99 (GBP)   69.66  
Australia $ 99.95 (AUD)   63.35  
Turkey Tr 472.5 (TRY)   45.53  
Poland 289.99 (PLN)   64.06  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 229 (SAR)   50.35  
Czech Republic 1799 (CZK)   70.66  
Swenden kr 749 (SEK)   74.2  
Norway kr 639 (NOK)   63.35  
Israel 335 (ILS)   85.23  
Italy 69.99 (EUR)   69.99  
Portugal 69.99 (EUR)   69.99  
South Korea 69400 (KRW)   51.24  
MTCGame 30 (EUR)   30  

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- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
- Warzone, featuring a Battle Royale mode
- Battle Pass system*
- In-game XRK Weapons Pack
- In-game Tactical Knife

Experience a visceral Campaign or assemble your team in the ultimate online playground with multiple Special Ops challenges, a mix of Multiplayer maps and modes, and the franchise's premiere Battle Pass system.

You also get access to Warzone, the free-to-play experience from Modern Warfare.

Developed by the studio that started it all, Infinity Ward delivers an epic reimagining of the iconic series from the ground up.

Lock in, level up, and join the ranks with the latest edition of Modern Warfare. Stay frosty.

*Call of Duty Points can be used for purchase of the Modern Warfare Battle Pass.

For more information, please visit www.callofduty.com.

2019-2020 Activision Publishing, Inc. ACTIVISION, CALL OF DUTY and MODERN WARFARE are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners.

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