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  • Release date : 04/08/2021
  • Action & Adventure, Platformer
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Store Price Discount Convert Link
France 4.99 (EUR)   4.99  
Hong-Kong $ 39 (HKD)   4.27  
India 269 (INR)   3.12  
USA $ 4.99 (USD)   4.26  
Canada $ 6.49 (CAD)   4.33  
Singapore $ 7.2 (SGD)   4.55  
Brazil R$ 18.45 (BRL)   2.97  
Japan ¥ 580 (JPY)   4.5  
South Africa R 85 (ZAR)   4.9  
Mexico $ 89 (MXN)   3.79  
Taiwan NT$ 169 (TWD)   5.19  
Germany 4.99 (EUR)   4.99  
Spain 4.99 (EUR)   4.99  
England £ 4.99 (GBP)   5.84  
Australia $ 7.45 (AUD)   4.62  
Turkey Tr 14 (TRY)   1.38  
Poland 22.99 (PLN)   5.01  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 18.5 (SAR)   4.21  
Czech Republic 143 (CZK)   5.64  
Swenden kr 50 (SEK)   4.91  
Norway kr 51 (NOK)   4.99  
Israel 19 (ILS)   5.05  
Italy 4.99 (EUR)   4.99  
Portugal 4.99 (EUR)   4.99  
South Korea 6300 (KRW)   4.54  
MTCGame 2.84 (EUR)   2.84  

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In Castle Of Pixel Skulls you play as an animated skeleton that wakes up in a haunted castle. In order to escape you need to overcome challenging levels full of enemies and traps while also racing against the clock to complete the levels as fast as possible. Spikes, fireballs, lava, timed platforms...everything in this castle is trying to kill you - will you have what it takes to survive?

Play through 40 intense and difficult levels in the perfect blend of fun and challenge that was a staple on the arcade classics. Calculated movement, well timed jumps and dexterity are your keys to success!

The game offers a lot of replayability as you can replay the levels in order to try to beat your previous time. So master your jumps, perfect your dodges and you try to speedrun the game in the least amount of time possible!

| About the developer |

I'm an indie game developer and my name is Josep Monzonís Hernández. I love creating simple, fun and well designed games. My biggest inspirations are games from the 8-bit and 16-bit era. I like every aspect in the process of making video games: pixel art, coding, game design and drawing. I've worked on several indie games in the past - Castle Of Pixel Skulls is one of my last solo developed games and it was in development for about one year.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)


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