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  • Release date : 12/01/2023
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Store Price Discount Convert Link
France 14.99 (EUR)   14.99  
USA $ 14.99 (USD)   13.86  
Canada $ 18.99 (CAD)   12.8  
Singapore $ 21.75 (SGD)   14.92  
Brazil R$ 54.95 (BRL)   9.41  
Japan ¥ 1550 (JPY)   9.14  
South Africa R 249 (ZAR)   12.52  
Mexico $ 269 (MXN)   13.27  
Germany 14.99 (EUR)   14.99  
Spain 14.99 (EUR)   14.99  
England £ 12.99 (GBP)   15.37  
Australia $ 22.45 (AUD)   13.83  
Poland 69.99 (PLN)   16.15  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 56.5 (SAR)   13.94  
Czech Republic 429 (CZK)   17.4  
Swenden kr 149 (SEK)   13.28  
Norway kr 154 (NOK)   13.46  
Israel 56 (ILS)   14  
Italy 14.99 (EUR)   14.99  
Portugal 14.99 (EUR)   14.99  
South Korea 18900 (KRW)   12.76  
MTCGame 13.05 (EUR)   13.05  

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In the dead of night a fierce storm rages across North Wales. Miles from any town, Chris Selwood seeks refuge in a remote roadside café.
Shortly thereafter Chris experiences a horrific sight as he finds the café waitress pinned to the ceiling by something with fierce glowing eyes, he passes out waking up to the dusty old abandoned remains of the café.

Inspired by 80s Sci-Fi horror and contemporary surrealist cinema, Chasing Static delivers a unique take on the narrative adventure genre through new audio driven gameplay mechanics and non-linear exploration.


* Sonic Exploration - Audio driven gameplay mechanics have you hunting anomalies with an experimental Frequency Displacement Monitoring Device.

* Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi - Crunchy low poly visuals reminiscent of classics with full voice acting, high quality sound design and a modern approach to gameplay.

* Non-Linear Gameplay - Explore the world of Chasing Static at your own pace, uncovering it's secrets in any order you please.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)


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