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  • Release date : 02/02/2018
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France 5.99 (EUR)   5.99  
Hong-Kong $ 43 (HKD)   4.58  
India 416 (INR)   4.71  
USA $ 5.99 (USD)   4.95  
Canada $ 5.99 (CAD)   3.86  
Singapore $ 7.85 (SGD)   4.88  
Brazil R$ 12 (BRL)   1.83  
South Africa R 69 (ZAR)   3.73  
Mexico $ 78.6 (MXN)   3.2  
Germany 5.99 (EUR)   5.99  
Spain 5.99 (EUR)   5.99  
England £ 4.79 (GBP)   5.42  
Australia $ 7.95 (AUD)   5.03  
Turkey Tr 14.8 (TRY)   1.65  
Poland 22.79 (PLN)   5.01  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 27 (SAR)   5.95  
Czech Republic 119 (CZK)   4.56  
Swenden kr 59.4 (SEK)   5.87  
Norway kr 37.5 (NOK)   3.58  
Israel 26.5 (ILS)   6.71  
Italy 5.99 (EUR)   5.99  
Portugal 5.99 (EUR)   5.99  

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The Academy Game Pack is a tribute to the long and noble chess playing tradition in Russia that has produced some of the greatest players of all time, and literally thousands of Grandmasters.
Russia is synonymous with chess, it is deeply embedded in Russian culture, and has been in their DNA since first arriving from the Middle East in the 9th century.

The beautiful but simple chess pieces are inspired by one of the rarer sets made in the town of Kholmogory, famous for its talented Russian chess carvers. The location is inspired by the academies that produce so many great players and host elite tournaments.

Follow in the footsteps of the Russian Grandmasters that played in the halls of the academy and immerse yourself in Chess Ultra.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

Chess Ultra Academy Game Pack is a DLC that works on these games


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