Chess Ultra: Santa Monica Game Pack

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  • Release date : 27/04/2018
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France 5.99 (EUR)   5.99  
Hong-Kong $ 43 (HKD)   4.58  
India 416 (INR)   4.71  
USA $ 5.99 (USD)   4.95  
Canada $ 5.99 (CAD)   3.86  
Singapore $ 7.85 (SGD)   4.88  
Brazil R$ 12 (BRL)   1.83  
South Africa R 69 (ZAR)   3.73  
Mexico $ 78.6 (MXN)   3.2  
Germany 5.99 (EUR)   5.99  
Spain 5.99 (EUR)   5.99  
England £ 4.79 (GBP)   5.42  
Australia $ 7.95 (AUD)   5.03  
Turkey Tr 14.8 (TRY)   1.65  
Poland 22.79 (PLN)   5.01  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 27 (SAR)   5.95  
Czech Republic 119 (CZK)   4.56  
Swenden kr 59.4 (SEK)   5.87  
Norway kr 37.5 (NOK)   3.58  
Israel 26.5 (ILS)   6.71  
Italy 5.99 (EUR)   5.99  
Portugal 5.99 (EUR)   5.99  

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Take a trip to one of the most popular beaches in the world and experience everything Santa Monica chess park has to offer. Get ready to challenge your opponent under blue skies and swaying palm trees.

The Santa Monica Game Pack includes a contemporary chess set that has been given a new lease of life. Inspired by the popular skate scene on the California coast, each individual piece in the Skate chess set has been fashioned from recycled skateboard parts. Meticulously hand-carved and available with two different finishes; painted or polished, the Skate chess set brings forgotten skateboards of the past back to life.

This pack contains a chess set & an environment. These can be used separately and paired with all other sets and environments in game.

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Chess Ultra: Santa Monica Game Pack is a DLC that works on these games


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