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  • Release date : 23/05/2024

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France 49.99 (EUR)   49.99  
Hong-Kong $ 389 (HKD)   45.3  
USA $ 49.99 (USD)   45.62  
Canada $ 63.99 (CAD)   44.26  
Singapore $ 72 (SGD)   48.69  
Brazil R$ 184.95 (BRL)   35.06  
Japan ¥ 5830 (JPY)   36.94  
South Africa R 839 (ZAR)   41.37  
Mexico $ 879 (MXN)   46.93  
Taiwan NT$ 1699 (TWD)   50.03  
Germany 49.99 (EUR)   49.99  
Spain 49.99 (EUR)   49.99  
England £ 44.99 (GBP)   52.34  
Australia $ 74.95 (AUD)   45.72  
Poland 229.99 (PLN)   51.71  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 186.5 (SAR)   45.36  
Czech Republic 1429 (CZK)   60.47  
Swenden kr 499 (SEK)   42.46  
Norway kr 514 (NOK)   43.53  
Israel 188 (ILS)   46.75  
Italy 49.99 (EUR)   49.99  
Portugal 49.99 (EUR)   49.99  
MTCGame 42.01 (EUR)   42.01  

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Pre-order Crown Wars: The Black Prince and get the Blood Pact Weapon Skins pack.

The War of Crowns rages on.
Knights and brigands run rampant throughout the land, sowing destruction. But an even greater evil is lurking and plotting in the shadows. At the helm of your domain, lead the fight against the forces of evil in this turn-based tactics and strategy game.

From your castle – your seat of operations – recruit, equip and train your soldiers to fight all those that threaten the kingdom. Build squads according to the requirements of each mission, then set out to find the source of the Evil and thwart the malevolent plans of the Order in brutal turn-based combat. Your management and strategic skills will be put to the test. Manage your resources wisely to help your domain flourish, and plan your squad excursions by choosing which missions to tackle.
With the world on the brink of collapse, there can only be one solution: the Order must be defeated.

- The Hundred Years' War revisited: Explore 14th-century France and the art of war in that period, iconic characters like Nicolas Flamel and Edward of Woodstock, as well as faithfully recreated weapons. Crown Wars: The Black Prince adds a unique element to this medieval setting: a story involving the dark arts and the occult, which influences the gameplay.
- Prevent the Order from expanding its influence and restore your reputation: Take part in missions against the cult members of the Order to thwart their plans and prevent them from seizing control of the kingdom in a long-term campaign that blends history and dark fantasy.
- Rebuild your domain: Upgrade up to 7 buildings and restore your estate to its former glory. Forge new weapons, concoct new potions and create new items to use in battle.
- Tactical combat in the purest tradition of the genre: Build a squad of 6 soldiers of different classes and optimize your in-game turns by making the best use of their skills, their synergies and the terrain. Demonstrate your tactical intelligence in deep gameplay that pays homage to the genre's cult classics.
- 6 playable classes: Crusader, Alchemist, Beastmaster, Flayer, Duelist and Gunner, each with unique skills and preferred weapons. Heavy armour, combat-trained bears, explosive flasks… discover your Companions' synergies to fight battles as effectively as possible.
- Improve your soldiers: Train up to 32 Companions to unlock new skills and devastating attacks for them. Upgrade their weapon mastery by choosing from the vast arsenal available.
- Fully customizable Companions: Customize the name and appearance of your soldiers to give them their own identity.
- Ransom your prisoners of war: Capture enemies alive to make them prisoners. Each prisoner has one or more effects that grant bonuses to your Companions or buildings. It's up to you to decide whether to keep them and their bonus effects or free them in exchange for a ransom.
- Each battle is different: Set out on missions across the French kingdom to capture your enemies, eliminate members of the Order and escort important characters.
- Brutal action: Unleash your signature skills and perform fearsome executions.

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