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  • Release date : 19/09/2024

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France 49.99 (EUR)   49.99  
Hong-Kong $ 388 (HKD)   45.65  
USA $ 49.99 (USD)   45.94  
Canada $ 67.99 (CAD)   45.5  
Singapore $ 67.6 (SGD)   46.17  
Brazil R$ 256 (BRL)   42.04  
Japan ¥ 5990 (JPY)   34.95  
South Africa R 949 (ZAR)   47.72  
Mexico $ 851 (MXN)   43.29  
Taiwan NT$ 1560 (TWD)   43.7  
Spain 49.99 (EUR)   49.99  
England £ 39.99 (GBP)   47.45  
Australia $ 69.94 (AUD)   42.95  
Poland 229 (PLN)   53.4  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 152 (SAR)   37.25  
Czech Republic 1189 (CZK)   47.13  
Swenden kr 549 (SEK)   47.23  
Norway kr 549 (NOK)   46.21  
Israel 199 (ILS)   50.13  
Italy 49.99 (EUR)   49.99  
Portugal 49.99 (EUR)   49.99  
South Korea 54800 (KRW)   36.22  
MTCGame 40.86 (EUR)   40.86  

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Pre-Order Bonus:
This pack contains costumes for Frank, and BGM that can be played in the shopping mall.

Costume: Frank West 2006 (Dead Rising)
BGM: "Dreams of Yore (Mall Music 2 arranged)"

Costume: Chuck Greene (Dead Rising 2)
BGM: "Super Shopper" (Dead Rising 2)

Costume: Willamette Parkview Mall Bee (Dead Rising)
BGM: "Happy Flight! (Mall Music 6 arranged)"

*Costumes can be changed at the closet in the Security Room in the game.
*BGM can be changed via "Change Mall BGM" on the Options screen.
*Pre-order bonuses may be made available for purchase at a later date.

Dead Rising returns with modern graphics!
More than just a remaster, this Deluxe Remaster is a full graphical overhaul of the first game in zombie-slaughtering action game series "Dead Rising."
This remaster has also been fully voiced, supports auto-saves, and has various other quality-of-life features.
Witness the unmatched mayhem and freedom for yourself!

- Story:
One day, the peaceful town of Willamette, Colorado, found itself put under quarantine by the U.S. army.
Frank West, a freelance journalist, smells a scoop and finds his way into the only shopping mall in town.
Unfortunately, the mall had turned into a living hell, crawling with countless zombies.
Help will arrive in 72 hours, so it's up to him to find out the truth behind this incident before it's too late!

- Realistic graphics reborn through RE ENGINE!
All of the graphics, including the characters and environments, have been renewed, and greatly improved over the original.
Character's facial expressions, material textures, and blood spatter all look much more realistic.
Overwhelming hordes of zombies fill the screen with completely remade graphics!

- Smoother and friendlier to play!
The gameplay of the original remains intact, but there are various quality-of-life improvements, such as auto-saving, revamped controls, improved UI, and many other details.
The game is now also fully voiced for improved immersion.

- Spend 72 hours the way you want!
The game takes place in a giant shopping mall.
Use regular weapons like guns and baseball bats, or use daily household objects. Anything goes when it comes to survival!
Rescue other survivors, and try out some new clothes while you're at it.
Just remember that under these extreme circumstances, it's not just zombies, but psychopaths you'll have to deal with as well. Who poses the biggest threat, zombies or humans!?

*This content is also included in a separately sold pack.
Please be careful not to buy the same content twice.

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