Deadlight: Director's Cut

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  • Release date : 21/06/2016
  • Action & Adventure, Platformer
  • 5.00 Go

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France 19.99  
Hong-Kong 13.47  
India 14.48  
USA 17.72  
Canada 13.6  
Singapore 16.27  
Brazil 9.24  
South Africa 10.79  
Mexico 9.31  
Taiwan 12.57  
Germany 14.99  
Spain 14.99  
England 13.35  
Australia 12.44  
Turkey 7.17  
Poland 14.05  
Saudi Arabia 19.85  
Czech Republic 11.68  
Swenden 14.11  
Norway 10.29  
Israel 16.24  
Italy 14.99  
Portugal 14.99  
Russia 13.35  

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Set in an apocalyptic 1986, a zombie outbreak has brought humanity to its knees. You play Randall Wayne, a father searching the destroyed streets of Seattle for his family. You’ll encounter many life-threatening situations, but combat isn’t always the answer against the undead, fight back using scarce resources or hide and sneak past them utilizing the environment.
Deadlight: Director’s Cut is the ultimate Deadlight experience, now with improved gameplay, controls, and extra game modes.
• Fight or run from zombie encounters in tense combat and platforming
• Uncover the fate of Randall’s family as he searches Seattle
• Full 1080p with enhanced controls and improved animations
• Survive the ‘Nightmare’ difficulty mode, on console for the first time
• Fight for your life in the new ‘Survival Arena’ mode. Use new weapons and tactics to overcome waves of zombies, scoring in online-leaderboards

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