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  • Release date : 20/11/2020

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Store Price Discount Convert Link
France 32.49 (EUR)   32.49  
USA $ 32.49 (USD)   27.23  
Canada $ 41.99 (CAD)   27.06  
Brazil R$ 119.95 (BRL)   18.85  
South Africa R 549 (ZAR)   29.75  
Mexico $ 569 (MXN)   23.63  
Germany 32.49 (EUR)   32.49  
Spain 32.49 (EUR)   32.49  
England £ 27.24 (GBP)   30.43  
Australia $ 48.95 (AUD)   30.15  
Turkey Tr 92.5 (TRY)   9.9  
Poland 149.99 (PLN)   33.49  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 121.5 (SAR)   27.15  
Czech Republic 929 (CZK)   35.37  
Swenden kr 324 (SEK)   31.68  
Norway kr 334 (NOK)   31.46  
Israel 122 (ILS)   30.86  
Italy 32.49 (EUR)   32.49  
Portugal 32.49 (EUR)   32.49  

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Own the complete Don’t Starve collection! This Mega Pack 2020 includes two full games, plus all existing Don’t Starve DLC!

Includes Four Items:
• Don’t Starve: Giant Edition
• Don’t Starve: Hamlet Console Edition (DLC)
• Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked Console Edition (DLC)
• Don’t Starve Together: Console Edition
• PLUS “Large Bolt Chest” that contains 12,000 Bolts of Cloth in Don’t Starve Together!

Set out on your own for a classic game of uncompromising wilderness survival in singleplayer Don’t Starve (complete with desert islands, aristocratic pig towns and roving giants!), or gather up to six friends and pop into Don’t Starve: Together for an all-new experience with unique items, character skins, resource variants and more!

Play together online, or at home with local split-screen co-op.

Do whatever it takes to survive, but most importantly, Don't Starve!

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

In this bundle

List of items included in Don't Starve Mega Pack 2020


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