Dying Light Classified Operation Bundle

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  • Release date : 03/12/2020
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Store Price Discount Convert Link
France 2.99 (EUR)   2.99  
Hong-Kong $ 23 (HKD)   2.81  
India 164 (INR)   2.02  
USA $ 2.99 (USD)   2.87  
Canada $ 3.89 (CAD)   2.9  
Singapore $ 4.35 (SGD)   2.99  
Brazil R$ 10.95 (BRL)   2.07  
Japan ¥ 350 (JPY)   2.6  
South Africa R 51 (ZAR)   3.02  
Mexico $ 53 (MXN)   2.54  
Taiwan NT$ 103 (TWD)   3.32  
Spain 2.99 (EUR)   2.99  
England £ 2.49 (GBP)   2.94  
Australia $ 4.45 (AUD)   2.97  
Poland 13.99 (PLN)   3  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 11 (SAR)   2.81  
Czech Republic 85 (CZK)   3.44  
Swenden kr 30 (SEK)   2.86  
Norway kr 31 (NOK)   3.04  
Israel 11 (ILS)   3.12  
Italy 2.99 (EUR)   2.99  
Portugal 2.99 (EUR)   2.99  
South Korea 3800 (KRW)   2.84  

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Come in, agent Crane. It’s time to teach zombies some manners.

Objective: Neutralize undead assets.
Time: 19:00 CET, December 3rd.
Mission status: Active"

As the situation in Harran is getting out of hand, Bureau Z has no choice but to send their best agent there. The fate of the city’s at stake – you can’t fail.

Become a real secret agent and change your buggy into a ride worthy of such. The bureau has decided to equip you with their flagship vehicle, Covert Crash, among the most deadly and discreet weapons. Teach your enemies a lesson with Savoir Vivre – a classy new cane. Nothing’s more gentlemanly than killing zombies. Working undercover? Eliminate them with Torn Whisper, a silenced pistol. Compromised? Go all-in with your SMG, Soaring Death. Whichever one you choose, remember that the bureau is only interested in the big game. Aquila Non Capit Muscas, right?

The bundle contains:
Savoir Vivre, a gentleman’s cane
Torn Whisper, a silenced pistol (it doesn’t require any special ammo)
Soaring Death, an SMG with a larger ammo clip
Secret Agent player skin
Covert Crash buggy skin

The bundle will be available on all platforms from 19:00 CET, December 3rd.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

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