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  • Release date : 11/08/2020
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France 2.99 (EUR)   2.99  
Hong-Kong $ 25 (HKD)   3.05  
India 249 (INR)   3.07  
USA $ 2.99 (USD)   2.87  
Canada $ 3.99 (CAD)   2.98  
Singapore $ 4.5 (SGD)   3.1  
Brazil R$ 9.95 (BRL)   1.88  
Japan ¥ 330 (JPY)   2.45  
South Africa R 49 (ZAR)   2.9  
Mexico $ 59 (MXN)   2.82  
Taiwan NT$ 95 (TWD)   3.06  
Spain 2.99 (EUR)   2.99  
England £ 2.39 (GBP)   2.82  
Australia $ 4.65 (AUD)   3.11  
Poland 11.99 (PLN)   2.57  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 17 (SAR)   4.34  
Czech Republic 83 (CZK)   3.36  
Swenden kr 32 (SEK)   3.05  
Norway kr 26 (NOK)   2.55  
Israel 15 (ILS)   4.25  
Thailand ฿ 104 (THB)   2.87  
Italy 2.99 (EUR)   2.99  
Portugal 2.99 (EUR)   2.99  
South Korea 4100 (KRW)   3.07  

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Join Volkan Corporation’s fight for a brighter future with state-of-the-art spec ops gear developed specifically for exterminating all forms of infected with maximum efficiency. Don’t miss the chance to test the flagship product of Volkan’s Hi-Tech Weapons Division – the cutting-edge Volkan Combat Assault Rifle designed for elite soldiers of tomorrow. Take advantage of its built-in silencer, large clip, and reflex sight to eliminate numerous enemies silently and with deadly precision. The same innovative ammo storage technology was used in the excellent Volkan Combat Pistol. Besides the extended magazine, this ultimate sidearm will impress you with its high rate of fire and burst mode. If using a firearm is not an option, the Volkan Combat Sword – manufactured from high-grade composites and fitted with a damage boost system – will give you an invaluable edge at close quarters. Load your weapons, get behind the wheel of the Volkan Combat Buggy in your new Volkan Combat Armor and start building a safer tomorrow, today.

Please note, buggy paint job requires Dying Light: The Following expansion pack.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

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