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  • Release date : 15/05/2018
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France $ 22.87  
Hong-Kong $ 15.26  
USA $ 19.99  
Canada $ 20.67  
Singapore $ 18.16  
Brazil $ 15.85  
South Africa $ 21.77  
Russia $ 20.88  
Mexico $ 19.27  
Taiwan $ 17.58  
Germany $ 22.87  
Spain $ 22.87  
England $ 20.39  
Australia $ 21.91  
Turkey $ 9.88  
Poland $ 22.38  
Saudi Arabia $ 24.8  
Czech Republic $ 24.45  
Swenden $ 19.55  
Norway $ 20  
Israel $ 26.23  
Italy $ 22.87  
Portugal $ 22.87  
South Korea $ 17.42  
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- Discover a beautifully realised world of wonder filled with Forgotlings - charming everyday objects brought to life, bursting with personality.
- Uncover the truth behind the harrowing conflict taking place between an impassioned ruler and ruthless rebellion.
- Harness the power of Anima, the energy that brings life to the Forgotten Lands. Use it to solve puzzles and command ultimate control over Forgotlings’ lives.
- Choose carefully. Your words and actions can alter the tale being told thanks to a branching dialogue system that places the power in your hands.
- Run, leap, and soar as you strive to guide Anne home, unlocking areas and abilities along the way.
- Enjoy hand-animated visuals created using the same traditional techniques that brought your favourite animated movies to life.
- Immerse yourself in a soaring orchestral score performed by the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)


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