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France 44.99 (EUR)   44.99  
Hong-Kong $ 274 (HKD)   32.33  
USA $ 44.99 (USD)   41.47  
Canada $ 57.99 (CAD)   39.12  
Singapore $ 65.25 (SGD)   44.56  
Brazil R$ 119.95 (BRL)   21.4  
Japan ¥ 5200 (JPY)   30.54  
South Africa R 759 (ZAR)   37.99  
Mexico $ 799 (MXN)   44.12  
Taiwan NT$ 679 (TWD)   19.41  
Germany 44.99 (EUR)   44.99  
Spain 44.99 (EUR)   44.99  
England £ 37.99 (GBP)   44.6  
Australia $ 67.45 (AUD)   41.22  
Poland 159.99 (PLN)   37.62  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 169 (SAR)   41.53  
Czech Republic 1289 (CZK)   52.31  
Swenden kr 469 (SEK)   40.53  
Norway kr 499 (NOK)   43.47  
Israel 169 (ILS)   42.57  
Thailand ฿ 1579 (THB)   39.72  
Italy 44.99 (EUR)   44.99  
Portugal 44.99 (EUR)   44.99  
South Korea 46900 (KRW)   31.64  

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RELEASE DATE: 25 Jul, 2024


The game takes place 30 years after the apocalyptic blizzard that has taken place in Frostpunk. Earth is still overwhelmed by the neverending frost and harsh, icy climate. You play as the leader of a resource-hungry metropolis where expansion and internal conflicts are an unavoidable reality. It’s up to you to make decisions about your City’s future and face their consequences.

In Frostpunk 2 you can build your City on a new scale by creating entire districts with different purposes. Make sure that all parts of the City work well together as well as research technologies that will set the direction for your citizens’ progress.


“Frostpunk 2 is still a game about the City and its society,” states Jakub Stokalski, game Co-Director and Design Director at 11 bit studios.

“But inner turmoils, sparked by rising social differences, mean that players will be facing new kinds of threats. We use a post-apocalyptic setup to tell a meaningful story about human ambition. Because ultimately, what can end us is not nature itself – it’s human nature.”


As the City grows, creating and passing new laws becomes a more complex matter. The people slowly divide into factions with different, often contradictory visions of the future.

The Council is a place where these ideas clash, sometimes violently. It’s your role as a Steward to ensure that the city will not fall because of those conflicts. Manage emerging crises while at the same time steering humanity towards a new destiny.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

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