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  • Release date : 03/04/2024

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France 10.49 (EUR)   10.49  
USA $ 9.99 (USD)   9.12  
Canada $ 12.89 (CAD)   8.92  
Singapore $ 14.4 (SGD)   9.74  
Brazil R$ 36.95 (BRL)   7.01  
South Africa R 169 (ZAR)   8.33  
Mexico $ 177 (MXN)   9.45  
Germany 10.49 (EUR)   10.49  
Spain 10.49 (EUR)   10.49  
England £ 8.39 (GBP)   9.76  
Australia $ 14.95 (AUD)   9.12  
Poland 45.99 (PLN)   10.34  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 37.5 (SAR)   9.12  
Czech Republic 289 (CZK)   12.23  
Swenden kr 99 (SEK)   8.42  
Norway kr 104 (NOK)   8.81  
Israel 37.5 (ILS)   9.32  
Italy 10.49 (EUR)   10.49  
Portugal 10.99 (EUR)   10.99  
MTCGame 8.4 (EUR)   8.4  

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This pack includes:
Garden City
Crown of the Empire
Crown of the Empire: Around the World

Garden City
Garden City – turn an old manor into a flourishing park!

Crown of the Empire
Join Elena on an unforgettable adventure through an alternate Victorian world across the endless Emperor Desert Valley, the green banks of the Nile, a volcanic island and more! Will good conquer evil? Can Elena return the Crown of the Empire?

Crown of the Empire: Around the World
Join Elena on an incredible adventure through an alternate world of the Victorian era. You'll see incredible Scottish valleys, the rocky cliffs of Malta, a hot desert and much more!

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

In this bundle

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