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  • Release date : 26/11/2019
  • Action & Adventure, Fighting
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France 2.99 (EUR)   2.99  
Hong-Kong $ 25 (HKD)   2.97  
USA $ 2.99 (USD)   2.79  
Canada $ 3.99 (CAD)   2.73  
Singapore $ 4.5 (SGD)   3.1  
Brazil R$ 9.95 (BRL)   1.86  
Japan ¥ 330 (JPY)   2.19  
South Africa R 49 (ZAR)   2.32  
Mexico $ 59 (MXN)   3.12  
Taiwan NT$ 95 (TWD)   2.89  
Spain 2.99 (EUR)   2.99  
England £ 2.39 (GBP)   2.75  
Australia $ 4.65 (AUD)   2.83  
Poland 11.99 (PLN)   2.65  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 17 (SAR)   4.22  
Czech Republic 83 (CZK)   3.5  
Swenden kr 32 (SEK)   2.76  
Norway kr 26 (NOK)   2.19  
Israel 15 (ILS)   3.76  
Italy 2.99 (EUR)   2.99  
Portugal 2.99 (EUR)   2.99  

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It’s time to break out and join the carnage outside prison walls! Become the Fugitive with the new orange outfit that screams “danger!”, and get behind the wheel of the new buggy called Anarchy. You’ll also receive new weapon blueprints. Your trusty Inmate Shiv (a knife with extra damage) will cut your enemies to the bone, while Harran Inmate’s Rifle (an automatic weapon with increased magazine capacity, great at short range) will shred them with bullets. What’s more, you’ll get to use any one-handed melee weapon to craft a powerful wrench (Inmate’s Kiss) scaled to your level! Please note, buggy paint job requires Dying Light: The Following expansion pack.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

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