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  • Release date : 08/10/2019
  • Action & Adventure, Role Playing, Platformer
  • 4.36 Go

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Store Price Discount Convert Link
France 39.99 (EUR)   39.99  
Hong-Kong $ 199 (HKD)   23.13  
India 1924 (INR)   22.92  
USA $ 39.99 (USD)   36.02  
Canada $ 53.99 (CAD)   35.33  
Brazil R$ 179.95 (BRL)   30.36  
South Africa R 629 (ZAR)   32.3  
Mexico $ 1199 (MXN)   48.77  
Taiwan NT$ 1139 (TWD)   34.11  
Germany 39.99 (EUR)   39.99  
Spain 39.99 (EUR)   39.99  
England £ 33.49 (GBP)   37.27  
Australia $ 69.95 (AUD)   42  
Turkey Tr 178.75 (TRY)   23.61  
Poland 169.99 (PLN)   38.23  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 166.5 (SAR)   39.96  
Czech Republic 1049 (CZK)   38.99  
Swenden kr 449 (SEK)   42.93  
Norway kr 399 (NOK)   36.97  
Israel 175 (ILS)   44.89  
Italy 39.99 (EUR)   39.99  
Portugal 39.99 (EUR)   39.99  
South Korea 45000 (KRW)   32.94  
MTCGame 27.27 (EUR)   27.27  

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Indivisible is an action RPG / platformer featuring stunning hand drawn art and animation combined with unique real-time combat mechanics. Immerse yourself in a fantastical world with dozens of playable characters, a rich storytelling experience, gameplay that’s easy to learn but difficult to master, and the trademark razor-sharp quality that Lab Zero Games is known for!

Our story revolves around Ajna, a fearless girl with a rebellious streak. Raised by her father on the outskirts of their rural town, her life is thrown into chaos when her home is attacked, and a mysterious power awakens within her.

The game’s huge fantasy world, characters and aesthetic design are inspired by various cultures and mythologies. Throughout Ajna’s quest she’ll encounter many “Incarnations”: people whom she can absorb and manifest to fight alongside her. There are many Incarnations to recruit, each with their own story and personality. By uniting people from faraway lands, Ajna will learn about herself, the world she inhabits, and most importantly, how to save it.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

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