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  • Release date : 03/04/2024
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France 4.99 (EUR)   4.99  
Hong-Kong $ 39 (HKD)   4.61  
USA $ 4.99 (USD)   4.6  
Canada $ 6.49 (CAD)   4.34  
Singapore $ 7.2 (SGD)   4.94  
Brazil R$ 18.45 (BRL)   3.01  
Japan ¥ 580 (JPY)   3.48  
South Africa R 85 (ZAR)   4.27  
Mexico $ 89 (MXN)   4.47  
Taiwan NT$ 169 (TWD)   4.76  
Germany 4.99 (EUR)   4.99  
Spain 4.99 (EUR)   4.99  
England £ 4.19 (GBP)   4.99  
Australia $ 7.45 (AUD)   4.52  
Poland 22.99 (PLN)   5.35  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 18.5 (SAR)   4.55  
Czech Republic 143 (CZK)   5.63  
Swenden kr 50 (SEK)   4.28  
Norway kr 51 (NOK)   4.27  
Israel 19 (ILS)   4.8  
Italy 4.99 (EUR)   4.99  
Portugal 4.99 (EUR)   4.99  
South Korea 6300 (KRW)   4.2  
MTCGame 4.08 (EUR)   4.08  

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In ancient times, the ancestors lived in bliss, shielded by the sacred power of two crystals. One crystal sustained the spirit world, and the other enhanced the material one. This continued until one of the traitors stole and claimed control over the sources of these energies. He desired to become a God and subjugate the entire world. At great cost, the precursors managed to reclaim the crystals of divine power. They shattered both crystals into numerous fragments. Now, the world is protected from the traitors but vulnerable to external threats. Under the reliable protection of ancient mages, the shards are hidden in four parts of the world, and the knowledge about them is carefully guarded by keepers of knowledge. Much time has passed since then... People have forgotten about the crystals of divine power. However, sensing the defenseless planet, universal evil began to infiltrate this world. Descendants of the keepers of knowledge, upon witnessing the turmoil, started gathering the crystal fragments. Time is running out.

In this game, you will become a keeper of knowledge, collecting shards of divine crystals. Look for the right way to crystals. Avoid dangerous obstacles. Teleport from one space to another to get closer to your goal. Solve tasks on memory, logic and orientation in space to get to the blocked areas. Destroy, move and combine objects on the levels to get to divine crystals.

Main Features:
- A lot of levels;
- Several dozen unique mechanics;
- Ability to combine mechanics;
- Nice pixel-art style with beautiful graphic effects;
- Pleasant musical and audio accompaniment, improving immersion in the gameplay.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)


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