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  • Release date : 17/03/2023

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Store Price Discount Convert Link
France 11.99 (EUR)   11.99  
Hong-Kong $ 93 (HKD)   10.83  
USA $ 11.99 (USD)   10.94  
Canada $ 14.99 (CAD)   10.37  
Singapore $ 17.25 (SGD)   11.66  
Brazil R$ 44.45 (BRL)   8.43  
Japan ¥ 1400 (JPY)   8.87  
South Africa R 199 (ZAR)   9.81  
Mexico $ 209 (MXN)   11.16  
Taiwan NT$ 399 (TWD)   11.75  
Germany 11.99 (EUR)   11.99  
Spain 11.99 (EUR)   11.99  
England £ 9.99 (GBP)   11.62  
Australia $ 17.95 (AUD)   10.95  
Poland 54.99 (PLN)   12.36  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 45 (SAR)   10.95  
Czech Republic 339 (CZK)   14.35  
Swenden kr 119 (SEK)   10.13  
Norway kr 124 (NOK)   10.5  
Israel 45 (ILS)   11.19  
Thailand ฿ 419 (THB)   10.85  
Italy 11.99 (EUR)   11.99  
Portugal 11.99 (EUR)   11.99  
South Korea 14900 (KRW)   10.47  
MTCGame 6.73 (EUR)   6.73  

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Three Logic Games in One Bundle!

Welcome to the next part of Ballotron! You also shoot balls, but everything happens underwater.
Make the Blue Ball hit the Green Ball to achieve the goal. Shoot Small Balls to hit Large Balls and Bubble Blocks.
This time the level solutions will be even more fun!

Debtor: Enhanced Edition is a retro styled puzzle platformer.
In order to escape each level, you need to collect all coins and create path to the exit of the level. It is a dangerous place full of traps and ruthless enemies, be careful!

Caterpillar is a 2d puzzle platformer.
You control the caterpillar whose goal is to collect all flowers and move to the next level. Caterpillar cannot jump itself, only move and climb to the vertical walls.
It is a casual game that immerses you in an atmosphere of safety and meditativeness. Can you help the Caterpillar to become a Butterfly?

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

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