MX vs. ATV All In Edition (Limited)

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  • Release date : 14/09/2017

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The Mx vs ATV All In Edition contains the full game MX vs ATV Supercross Encore plus all* available DLC:
MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore:
Only the Encore edition features the brand new Rhythm Racing mode, extra outdoor Nationals tracks, and exclusive Waypoint races in open world maps.
The improved game engine brings remastered HD graphics & sound, smoother online gameplay, and updated riding physics for full control.

2017 Official Supercross Tracks (16 tracks)
Supercross Track Packs 1-4 (17 tracks)
The Stewart Compound (2 SX, 3 Nat, Freeride)
Copper Canyon Open World (1 Nat, 4 Waypoint Races, Freeride)
2 Stroke 4 Pack (4 vehicles)
2015 KTM Pack (6 vehicles)
2015 Husqvarna Pack (5 vehicles)
2015 Honda Pack (3 vehicles)
2015 Yamaha Pack (4 vehicles)
2015 Kawasaki Pack (3 vehicles)

* Except Suzuki Pack

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

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