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  • Release date : 24/09/2020

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France 39.99 (EUR)   39.99  
Hong-Kong $ 318 (HKD)   34.63  
India 2499 (INR)   28.69  
USA $ 39.99 (USD)   33.76  
Canada $ 53.49 (CAD)   34.22  
Singapore $ 59.9 (SGD)   37.2  
Brazil R$ 164.95 (BRL)   25.86  
Japan ¥ 4950 (JPY)   39.95  
South Africa R 699 (ZAR)   36.16  
Mexico $ 1049 (MXN)   41.94  
Taiwan NT$ 1190 (TWD)   34.61  
Germany 39.99 (EUR)   39.99  
Spain 39.99 (EUR)   39.99  
England £ 34.99 (GBP)   38.18  
Australia $ 69.95 (AUD)   43.06  
Turkey Tr 259 (TRY)   28.87  
Poland 169 (PLN)   37.89  
Czech Republic 999 (CZK)   37.35  
Swenden kr 449 (SEK)   43.25  
Norway kr 459 (NOK)   42.64  
Israel 168 (ILS)   41.45  
Italy 39.99 (EUR)   39.99  
Portugal 39.99 (EUR)   39.99  
South Korea 45000 (KRW)   32.62  
MTCGame 27.11 (EUR)   27.11  

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Pre-order bonus: The Chicago Outfit

The Chicago Outfit Includes:
- Exclusive Player Outfit: The Don
- Exclusive Vehicle: Smith V12 Limousine
- Exclusive Weapon: Gold Semi-Automatic

Part one of the Mafia crime saga - 1930’s, Lost Heaven, IL
Re-made from the ground up, rise through the ranks of the mafia during the Prohibition-era of organized crime in Ameirca. After an inadvertent brush with the mob, cabdriver Tommy Angelo is reluctantly thrust into the world of organized crime. Initially, uneasy about falling in with the Salieri family, the rewards become too big to ignore.

Play a Mob Movie:
Live the life of a Prohibition-era gangster rising through the ranks of the Mafia to the status of made man.

Lost Heaven, IL:
Painstakingly recreated 1930's cityscape, filled with interwar architecture, cars and culture to see, hear and interact with.

A Re-Made Classic:
Faithfully recreated, with expanded story, gameplay and original score, this is Mafia the way you remembered and much more.

Own Mafia: Definitive Edition to unlock Tommy’s Suit and Cab in both Mafia II and Mafia III Definitive Editions.

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