NARAKA: BLADEPOINT - Ultimate Edition

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  • Release date : 23/06/2022

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France 50.99 (EUR)   50.99  
Hong-Kong $ 409 (HKD)   49.37  
India 3099 (INR)   37.52  
USA $ 49.99 (USD)   47.33  
Canada $ 75.99 (CAD)   55.83  
Singapore $ 68.9 (SGD)   47.08  
Brazil R$ 210 (BRL)   37.94  
Japan ¥ 5600 (JPY)   39.23  
South Africa R 885.95 (ZAR)   53.09  
Mexico $ 789 (MXN)   37.62  
Taiwan NT$ 1449 (TWD)   46.19  
Germany 50.99 (EUR)   50.99  
Spain 50.99 (EUR)   50.99  
England £ 45.99 (GBP)   53.5  
Australia $ 75.95 (AUD)   50.01  
Poland 227.9 (PLN)   48.58  
Czech Republic 1429 (CZK)   57.79  
Swenden kr 499 (SEK)   46.66  
Norway kr 509 (NOK)   48.96  
Israel 279 (ILS)   77.56  
Thailand ฿ 1269 (THB)   33.93  
Italy 50.99 (EUR)   50.99  
Portugal 50.99 (EUR)   50.99  
South Korea 57000 (KRW)   41.89  
MTCGame 35.42 (EUR)   35.42  

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Ultimate Edition includes:
-Base Game
-Hero: Yoto Hime
-Matari Exclusive Outfit [Flawless Elegance]
-Exclusive Grappling Hook [Aroma]
-​Exclusive Spear skin [White Viper]
-Immortal Treasure*10
-Digital Soundtrack
-Digital Art Booklet
*You will receive your Immortal Treasure*10 2 hours after you start the game.
*Exclusive items can not be purchased in-game
*To get your digital artwork and soundtrack, please go to https://www.narakathegame.com/account/#/account and sign in with your Xbox Live account, then claim them in MY ACCOUNT.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is a 60-player PVP mythical action combat experience with martial arts inspired melee combat, gravity defying mobility, vast arsenals of melee & ranged weapons, legendary customizable heroes with epic abilities.

A first of its kind melee focused, movement based, mythical multiplayer action combat experience.

Poetically violent melee combat where Katanas and Greatswords, Bows and Muskets, hero skills and ultimates clash in brutal player battles.

Move lightning fast using your grappling hook whether traversing the highest mountain or launching onto an unsuspecting opponent.

Customize and master a growing roster of legendary heroes, each imbues with their own skills, ultimates, and deadly playstyles.

Explore the mysterious and breathtaking battlefield of war-torn Morus with a striking aesthetic inspired by Far Eastern legends and history.

Elevate your playstyle in a constantly evolving multiplayer battlefield featuring 1v1 Duels, Arena Brawls, all the way up to 60-player battles with unique Sky.

This game contains optional in-game purchases for virtual items, including a random selection of virtual in-game cosmetics.
See drop rate here: www.narakathegame.com/droprate/

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