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Store Price Discount Convert Link
France 69.99 (EUR)   69.99  
Hong-Kong $ 468 (HKD)   54.38  
India 3500 (INR)   41.7  
USA $ 59.99 (USD)   54.04  
Canada $ 79.99 (CAD)   52.35  
Singapore $ 79.9 (SGD)   50.98  
Brazil R$ 249 (BRL)   42  
Japan ¥ 7560 (JPY)   63.12  
South Africa R 999 (ZAR)   51.3  
Mexico $ 1195 (MXN)   48.6  
Taiwan NT$ 1789 (TWD)   53.57  
Germany 69.99 (EUR)   69.99  
Spain 69.99 (EUR)   69.99  
England £ 54.99 (GBP)   61.19  
Australia $ 99.95 (AUD)   60.01  
Turkey Tr 377.5 (TRY)   49.86  
Poland 308.99 (PLN)   69.49  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 264.5 (SAR)   63.49  
Czech Republic 1799 (CZK)   66.87  
Swenden kr 679 (SEK)   64.92  
Norway kr 639 (NOK)   59.21  
Israel 310 (ILS)   79.52  
Italy 69.99 (EUR)   69.99  
Portugal 69.99 (EUR)   69.99  
South Korea 64900 (KRW)   47.51  
MTCGame 40.9 (EUR)   40.9  

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Harness your MyPLAYER’s full basketball potential with the new Takeover feature. Unlock special moves and abilities never before seen on the court, or activate Team Takeover and unleash the power of your full squad.

You won’t want to miss a single day in the updated Neighborhood. Make a name for yourself on the court, at the Under Armour Cages, and during live events on the block. Ball until dawn with new day to night transitions, walk on at the Jordan Rec Center, or get the old Crew back together for exciting 3 on 3 streetball action.

Create your very first MyPLAYER card, and ball with LeBron, Kobe, and the rest of your collection in a variety of competitive modes. Introducing the new Unlimited mode, allowing you to pick any five cards from your deck without restrictions and battle against other players online.

From neighborhood legend to global phenomenon. The original career story mode returns with an all-new, immersive narrative charting your journey from China to the G League and eventually the NBA. Featuring an all-star cast, endorsements tied to your popularity, and new team chemistry elements that allow you to dominate the hardwood.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

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