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France 9.99  7.99
Hong-Kong 8.97  7.18
India 6.93  5.54
USA 9.01  7.21
Canada 8.68  6.94
Singapore 9.39  7.51
Brazil 8.28  6.62
Japan 9.73  7.78
South Africa 10.03  8.02
Mexico 8.11  6.49
Taiwan 9.73  7.78
Germany 9.99  7.99
Spain 9.99  7.99
England 9.18  7.34
Australia 9.14  7.31
Turkey 4.53  3.62
Poland 10.57  8.46
Saudi Arabia 9.02  7.22
Czech Republic 11.21  8.97
Swenden 9.28  7.42
Norway 10.46  8.37
Israel 9.59  7.67
Thailand 10.23  8.18
Italy 9.99  7.99
Portugal 9.99  7.99
South Korea 9.3  7.44
Russia 9.11  7.29

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Nebo® is the best way to take notes, always here to help you be more productive, day after day. Designed for Windows 10 and active pens.
Nebo® is perfect for the Microsoft Surface (Pro and Book) with the Surface Pen, the Samsung Book 9 Pen with the S Pen and many more devices*.

Structure your notes by creating titles, paragraphs and bulleted lists. Convert them instantly into Word, text or HTML format. Add interactive diagrams that can be copied as editable elements to PowerPoint or as images to other apps. Equations and calculations can be copied to apps supporting LaTeX, or as images. Draw sketches and annotate images. Use the latest innovations of MyScript Interactive Ink to be more productive with your pen!

* Check compatible devices on myscript.com/nebo

(Source : http://microsoft.com)


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