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  • Release date : 15/10/2024

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France 79.99 (EUR)   79.99  
Hong-Kong $ 624 (HKD)   73.73  
USA $ 79.99 (USD)   73.8  
Canada $ 109.05 (CAD)   72.86  
Singapore $ 107.94 (SGD)   74.12  
Brazil R$ 437.2 (BRL)   71.31  
South Africa R 1447.35 (ZAR)   72.73  
Mexico $ 1439.47 (MXN)   72.28  
Taiwan NT$ 2599 (TWD)   73.25  
Germany 79.99 (EUR)   79.99  
Spain 79.99 (EUR)   79.99  
England £ 66.99 (GBP)   79.73  
Australia $ 118.63 (AUD)   71.99  
Poland 315 (PLN)   73.32  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 299 (SAR)   73.54  
Czech Republic 1859 (CZK)   73.17  
Swenden kr 839 (SEK)   71.84  
Norway kr 854 (NOK)   71.44  
Israel 300 (ILS)   75.73  
Thailand ฿ 2799 (THB)   71.54  
Italy 79.99 (EUR)   79.99  
Portugal 79.99 (EUR)   79.99  
MTCGame 65.39 (EUR)   65.39  

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Pre-order now to get the following digital content:

• Azoth Stalker wolf mount

The New World: Aeternum Deluxe Edition includes:

• Base game
• Corrupted Mauler bear mount
• Corrupted Soul armor skin

Experience a thrilling action RPG set on the supernatural island of Aeternum. As a shipwrecked explorer who washes ashore on the mysterious island, forge your destiny on an adventure filled with danger and opportunity.

Discover the island of Aeternum: Explore a massive, beautiful world and uncover the secret truth of the eternal island and its strange inhabitants. Endless opportunities to fight, forage, and forge await among the island's wilderness and ruins.

Play your way: Play solo or use cross-platform play to team up with others, or compete head-to-head in a variety of PvP battles. Customize the look, skills, and abilities of your character, and experiment with different builds to suit your play style.

Swords, guns & sorcery: Control magical forces or wield deadly melee and ranged weapons. Timing and positioning are key to defeating enemies in combat. Use your skills to survive the island's horrors and reap its valuable rewards.

Grow in power: Gather resources and refine them into working materials to craft powerful new potions, weapons and gear, and increase your power and skill in combat.

Summon your mount: Master horses, dire wolves, and lions, each with a unique look, dyeable equipment and a name you can set. Level up your Riding Trade Skill to earn upgrades like increased speeds, buffs and higher tier consumable food for your mount.

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