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  • Release date : 10/07/2019
  • Action & Adventure, Role Playing, Puzzle & Trivia
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France 16.99 (EUR)   16.99  
Hong-Kong $ 134 (HKD)   15.48  
India 924 (INR)   11.8  
USA $ 16.99 (USD)   15.4  
Canada $ 21.99 (CAD)   15.09  
Singapore $ 24.75 (SGD)   16.34  
Brazil R$ 62.45 (BRL)   13.78  
Japan ¥ 2000 (JPY)   16.72  
South Africa R 289 (ZAR)   17.72  
Mexico $ 299 (MXN)   14.02  
Taiwan NT$ 579 (TWD)   17.11  
Germany 16.99 (EUR)   16.99  
Spain 16.99 (EUR)   16.99  
England £ 14.24 (GBP)   16.32  
Australia $ 25.45 (AUD)   15.67  
Turkey Tr 47.5 (TRY)   7.31  
Poland 77.49 (PLN)   18.01  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 64 (SAR)   15.45  
Czech Republic 489 (CZK)   18.94  
Swenden kr 169 (SEK)   15.61  
Norway kr 174 (NOK)   17.36  
Israel 64 (ILS)   16.55  
Italy 16.99 (EUR)   16.99  
Portugal 16.99 (EUR)   16.99  
Russia p. 1110.33 (RUB)   15.69  

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Once again, Yang Ming-Yuan is awoken by his nightmare. Every time he closes his eyes he sees images of evil paper dolls attacking him. He is confused, terrified, sleepless and disorganized, and haunted by imaginary sounds. At dawn he decides to send his daughter to his mother.

Driving on the familiar road always makes him sad.

“If not for my depression, our relationship might not end like this. What’s the meaning of my life?”

Yang Ming-Yuan is so deeply immersed in these thoughts that he can’t even hear his daughter’s voice. Imaginary sounds grow stronger. Suddenly, there’s great impact...

“Where am I?”

When Yang Ming-Yuan wakes up, he finds himself in a deserted ancient Chinese mansion. Everything here seems strange, yet familiar. “Is this a dream? Or am I really dead?”

From far away he can hear the faint calling of his daughter. He struggles to pull himself together and stands up, following his daughter’s voice to the inner realm of the gloomy ancient mansion. Behind all the mysteries he will meet, a story buried for a hundred years is about to be revealed...


A unique vibe of Eastern culture, realistic graphical details, and a finely crafted soundtrack that combines folk music, rock and vocals will bring the vivid image of this terrifying ancient great mansion before you.


Search for your daughter in a gloomy Chinese mansion of the Qing dynasty, experience this terrifying journey of thrills and confusion.


Resolve the traps in the ancient mansion and discover the truth of the story, unlock the doors of mysteries one by one.


Find all of the messages and information, discover the horrible truth of this hundred-year-old mansion.


The mysterious and evil paper dolls chase you everywhere. You must follow the story, hide from them and find a way to seal them, eventually reveal the shadows behind these great evils.


A first-person horror adventure game. Players must explore the gloomy ancient mansion and discover the unknown secrets behind the story.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)


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