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Looking for some educational tool to teach and interest children in astronomy? Explore the outer space from your mobile phone or PC with the help of Planetarium 3D. It is the best planetarium software with outstanding 3D models of our Solar System.

It has long been known that children would rather play games, rather than read boring encyclopedias. Many simply do not have the motivation to go to classes or a museum. All this often seems as just another continuation of a boring school program. However, this home planetarium app will give your kid loads of excitement and enjoyment with impressive and colorful representation of the 8 planets of our Solar System and the moon.

Only a short while ago, astronomers with telescopes, at best, could observe no more than two percent of the volume of our universe. Since the first trip to the moon, we have reached incredible heights in the study of the Universe: people went into outer space, built the ISS, launched vehicles to the surfaces of the Moon, Venus and Mars, looked into the most remote corners of the Universe and learned how light and life are born from star dust.

Fortunately, to touch the exciting world of space research today, it is not necessary to sign up to be an astronaut. Anyone who has a smartphone or a laptop can touch the stars: you just need to install the right application. The kid’s planetarium is an amazing opportunity to get a deeper understanding of how our universe looks and works no matter where you are.

This astronomy software will teach both kids and adults a little more about our Solar System with realistic visual 3D models that can be zoomed in and out to see the detailed view, as if from Hubble space telescope. The respective facts about each planet will further improve the knowledge and raise the curiosity of your child in astronomy.

Now, your kid will not only be able to see millions of tiny stars on the night sky, but go beyond and see Mercury, Jupiter’s red spot and much more. You can explore lunar craters and Saturn’s rings as if you are part of NASA or go on a pretend Mars mission to explore whether it is suitable for human life.

This application is for all little astronomers at heart, who are not satisfied with knowing only what they can see with the naked eye. It is an opportunity to go on exciting adventure beyond the clouds!

(Source : http://microsoft.com)


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