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France 4.99 (EUR)   4.99  
Hong-Kong $ 39 (HKD)   4.19  
India 380 (INR)   4.25  
USA $ 4.99 (USD)   4.16  
Canada $ 4.99 (CAD)   3.33  
Singapore $ 6.45 (SGD)   4.03  
Brazil R$ 10 (BRL)   1.49  
Japan ¥ 30400 (JPY)   233.08  
South Africa R 65 (ZAR)   3.79  
Mexico $ 65 (MXN)   2.72  
Taiwan NT$ 145 (TWD)   4.28  
Germany 4.99 (EUR)   4.99  
Spain 4.99 (EUR)   4.99  
England £ 3.99 (GBP)   4.61  
Australia $ 6.65 (AUD)   4.29  
Turkey Tr 14.25 (TRY)   1.47  
Poland 17.99 (PLN)   3.96  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 20 (SAR)   4.45  
Czech Republic 99 (CZK)   3.82  
Swenden kr 49 (SEK)   4.85  
Norway kr 29.5 (NOK)   2.94  
Israel 22.5 (ILS)   5.73  
Italy 4.99 (EUR)   4.99  
Portugal 4.99 (EUR)   4.99  
South Korea 397900 (KRW)   297.46  

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Featuring cars from the Touring, Road, Prototype, and GT disciplines, the Limited Edition Car Pack contains five legendary cars with a combined top speed of over 1200 km/h and 2000+ horsepower!

• McLaren F1 – Featuring a central driving position and butterfly doors, the McLaren F1 is one of the fastest production cars ever made with a 0-60 time just over 3 seconds
• Sauber C9 – This Group C Prototype still holds one of the fastest records at Le Mans with wins in all but one race of the World Championship in 1989
• BMW M1 ProCar – Driven by legends such as Niki Lauda and Nelson Piquet, and with a custom paint job by artist Andy Warhol, the M1 ProCar is iconic in motorsports culture
• Mercedes-AMG C-Class Coupe DTM – Building upon its predecessor that was the most successful car in the 28-year history of DTM, the C-Class Coupe DTM is stronger and safer making it one of the most competitive cars running in DTM today
• 1967 Ford Mk IV – Winner of both the 1967 Le Mans 24H and Sebring 12H, and driven by legendary driver Mario Andretti, the Mk IV still holds the record of being the only American car to have ever won the classic endurance race

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

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