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  • Release date : 11/05/2016
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France $ 34.31  
Hong-Kong $ 20.38  
USA $ 29.99  
Canada $ 22.97  
Singapore $ 29.1  
Japan $ 40.07  
South Africa $ 16.99  
Russia $ 17.9  
Mexico $ 21.13  
Taiwan $ 27.34  
Spain $ 34.31  
England $ 30.59  
Turkey $ 10.77  
Poland $ 26.64  
Saudi Arabia $ 34.4  
Czech Republic $ 26.67  
Swenden $ 32.66  
Norway $ 29.47  
Israel $ 35.52  
Italy $ 34.31  
Portugal $ 34.31  
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After 25 years, shooting has been perfected!

A quarter-century after the arcade hit Raiden first left its mark on the shooting genre, the series now comes to the Xbox One in its most modern and advanced form yet!

Join the war for Earth's future, where the tide of battle holds constant surprises, in this game that's easy to learn, but difficult to master.
Using Xbox One cloud functionality to its fullest, now all players can easily access their data, allowing you and your comrades-in-arms to enter the fray side-by-side!

Your in-game choices take you down various branching story paths!
With the unique "Cheer System," your online friends can support you on the battlefield in real-time with the push of a button!
With tons of content, a variety of weapons, and a revolutionary new combat system, this is Raiden on a scale you've never seen before!

Watch as YOUR actions reshape the battlefield! The future of the shooting genre is here!

(Source : http://microsoft.com)


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