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  • Release date : 01/12/2017
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Store Price Discount Convert Link
France 29.99 (EUR)   29.99  
USA $ 29.99 (USD)   24.71  
Canada $ 29.99 (CAD)   20.43  
Brazil R$ 59 (BRL)   9.3  
South Africa R 249 (ZAR)   14.61  
Mexico $ 399 (MXN)   16.5  
Germany 29.99 (EUR)   29.99  
Spain 29.99 (EUR)   29.99  
England £ 23.99 (GBP)   27.92  
Australia $ 39.95 (AUD)   25.79  
Turkey Tr 65 (TRY)   6.45  
Poland 99.99 (PLN)   21.93  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 129 (SAR)   28.35  
Czech Republic 599 (CZK)   23.44  
Swenden kr 299 (SEK)   29.55  
Norway kr 249 (NOK)   24.82  
Israel 130 (ILS)   32.86  
Italy 29.99 (EUR)   29.99  
Portugal 29.99 (EUR)   29.99  
MTCGame 9.35 (EUR)   9.35  

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The radio is dead, food is running out, and the machines have started to think they are people. Underwater facility PATHOS-II has suffered an intolerable isolation and we’re going to have to make some tough decisions. What can be done? What makes sense? What is left to fight for?

Enter the world of SOMA and face horrors buried deep beneath the ocean waves. Delve through locked terminals and secret documents to uncover the truth behind the chaos. Seek out the last remaining inhabitants and take part in the events that will ultimately shape the fate of the station. But be careful, danger lurks in every corner: corrupted humans, twisted creatures, insane robots, and even an inscrutable omnipresent A.I.
You will need to figure out how to deal with each one of them. Just remember there’s no fighting back, either you outsmart your enemies or you get ready to run.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)


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