Sergeant Johnson Leader Pack

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  • Release date : 22/05/2017
  • Strategy, Simulation
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France 6.99 (EUR)   6.99  
Hong-Kong $ 41 (HKD)   5.44  
India 398 (INR)   5.06  
USA $ 5.99 (USD)   6.23  
Canada $ 7.99 (CAD)   6.05  
Singapore $ 7.15 (SGD)   5.17  
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South Africa R 96.6 (ZAR)   5.57  
Mexico $ 143 (MXN)   7.3  
Taiwan NT$ 175 (TWD)   5.72  
Germany 6.98 (EUR)   6.98  
Spain 6.98 (EUR)   6.98  
England £ 4.79 (GBP)   5.33  
Australia $ 9.95 (AUD)   6.69  
Poland 25.19 (PLN)   5.3  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 24 (SAR)   6.62  
Czech Republic 179 (CZK)   7.27  
Swenden kr 64.6 (SEK)   5.92  
Norway kr 59 (NOK)   5.67  
Israel 30.5 (ILS)   8.99  
Italy 6.98 (EUR)   6.98  
Portugal 6.99 (EUR)   6.99  
South Korea 5840 (KRW)   4.23  
MTCGame 3.34 (EUR)   3.34  

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From the halls of Installation 04 to the shores of Harvest, Sergeant Johnson represented the UNSC with distinction and honor his entire life, and is remembered as a hero in death. However, in a twist of fate (and poor records-keeping), the UNSC Marine Corps accidently assigned the life-challenged veteran to a position on board the long-lost Spirit of Fire. Even with the small handicap of being dead, Johnson isn’t one to disobey a direct order from his beloved Corps and he sprung back to life, ready for action.

Sergeant Johnson favors a strong defense backed by heavy bipedal killing machines. The Sergeant Johnson Leader Pack includes:
• 8 exclusive Blitz Cards including Sergeant Johnson himself in his death-dealing Green Machine exosuit, EMP MAC Blast, Mantis, and more
• 5 Blitz packs of Sergeant Johnson’s exclusive cards
• All-new leader powers including Bunker Drop, Mech Overcharge and Remote Sensors

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

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