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  • Release date : 22/09/2022

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France 59.99 (EUR)   59.99  
Hong-Kong $ 464 (HKD)   59.78  
India 3249 (INR)   40.24  
USA $ 59.99 (USD)   60.66  
Canada $ 76.99 (CAD)   57.19  
Singapore $ 87 (SGD)   61.75  
Brazil R$ 222.45 (BRL)   43.29  
Japan ¥ 7000 (JPY)   48.98  
South Africa R 1009 (ZAR)   57.3  
Mexico $ 1059 (MXN)   53.36  
Taiwan NT$ 2039 (TWD)   65.52  
Germany 59.99 (EUR)   59.99  
Spain 59.99 (EUR)   59.99  
England £ 49.99 (GBP)   57.27  
Australia $ 89.95 (AUD)   59.09  
Poland 277.49 (PLN)   57.58  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 224 (SAR)   60.23  
Czech Republic 1719 (CZK)   70.19  
Swenden kr 599 (SEK)   55.27  
Norway kr 614 (NOK)   59.01  
Israel 226 (ILS)   64.62  
Italy 59.99 (EUR)   59.99  
Portugal 59.99 (EUR)   59.99  
South Korea 75400 (KRW)   53.82  

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The DELUXE EDITION contains:
- Péitruss skatepark in Luxembourg
- A new training area: the Hangar
- An exclusive prisoner outfit
- 2 exclusive grip tapes


With the dual stick controls, each stick represents one of your feet. You will need to learn how to control them and transfer weight, just like on a real skateboard. The physics have been developed with a focus on realism, smoothness and immersion. Just like in real life for a new skateboarder, the first hours can seem challenging, but once you have mastered the technique, you will feel the unrivalled thrill of pulling off your very first kickflip! Session: Skate Sim also includes full options customisation, so you can enjoy the perfect experience tailored to you. A full tutorial provides all the help you need to get started, and you can choose from four difficulty levels!


Inspired by the golden age of street skating – the 1990s – Session: Skate Sim lets you experience true skateboarding and its culture: no scoring system; just you, your spot and your imagination! There's no need for judges to tell you that your noseslide or varial heelflip are perfect for this spot. And because certain locations are iconic, the developers have added several of them to the game for you to skate in and express your creativity, including Black Hubbas (New York City), Brooklyn banks (New York City), FDR Park (Philadelphia) and many other spots.


Skating and pulling off the best lines in the best spots is one thing, but if no one is there to film it, it didn't really happen… In Session: Skate Sim, you can film with a 1990s filter or fisheye lens, and you can use the video editor to create your clips and share them. You can play with multiple options, including changing the field of view, time of day, filters, and different camera views (tripod, orbit, etc.). Session: Skate Sim also offers the chance to go from skater to filmmaker: pull off your moves then go into film mode to experience the action from the point of view of your camera operator and create the best clip.


Show off your style with an extensive customisation system for your skater and skateboard. By completing challenges, you earn money to spend in skate shops. You can find nearly 200 items (hoodies, shoes, caps, T-shirts, trousers, etc.) from top brands, such as Fallen, Zero, GrindKing, Thankyou, HIJINX Net, Antilanta, Roger Skate CO, No-Comply, iDabble and others. You can also customise your skateboard with over 250 parts, such as wheels, trucks and many other components from famous brands like, No-Comply, Grind King, Thankyou and many others. In addition to the design aspect, the components (trucks, riser pads, wheels…) impact the way you skate. Find the right ones for your style and shred the most iconic spots!

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