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  • Release date : 13/02/2024

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Pre-order the Premium Edition to play the game up to three days early!* Also get an additional pre-order bonus, the Highness of the High Sea Pack, which includes the Notoriety Garb and the Coronation Firework.

Premium Edition includes:
- The Ballad of Bloody Bones Collection including a captain outfit and cosmetic ship items.
- Two extra missions including The Ashen Corsair and Bloody Bones’ Legacy.**
- Digital art book and selected game soundtrack.***
- Smuggler Pass token to unlock the premium battle pass and additional content.

Enter the perilous world of Skull and Bones, a co-op pirate open world action-RPG experience, to become the next pirate kingpin!

- Engage in thrilling naval battles and equip a multitude of powerful weapons as you risk it all for the biggest loot.

- Sail the lawless seas solo, or team up with two friends or other players to partake in shareable contracts and rewards.

- Face cutthroat pirate hunters, deadly sea monsters, unpredictable weather, dangerous rogue waves, supernatural threats, and more as you explore a vast open world.

- Craft and sail up to 10 different ships at launch, each with unique perks to match your own personal playstyle.

- Grow your infamy and unlock resources and opportunities to get riskier contracts and upgrade your equipment.

*Play the game up to three days before the official launch date. Exact dates and timings will be shared at a later date on skullandbonesgame.com.
**You must reach Infamy Tier: Buccaneer to unlock the missions.
***Access the digital art book and soundtrack upon game release from the official Skull and Bones website: skullandbonesgame.com/digital-artbook

Persistent internet connection, Ubisoft Account, Microsoft Account, and Game Pass Ultimate or Core (subscriptions sold separately) required.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

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