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  • Release date : 22/05/2020
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Store Price Discount Convert Link
France 5.99 (EUR)   5.99  
Hong-Kong $ 46 (HKD)   5.24  
India 324 (INR)   3.79  
USA $ 5.99 (USD)   5.28  
Canada $ 7.69 (CAD)   5.03  
Singapore $ 8.7 (SGD)   5.49  
South Africa R 101 (ZAR)   5.27  
Mexico $ 105 (MXN)   4.23  
Taiwan NT$ 203 (TWD)   6.06  
Germany 5.99 (EUR)   5.99  
Spain 5.99 (EUR)   5.99  
England £ 4.99 (GBP)   5.55  
Australia $ 9.05 (AUD)   5.54  
Turkey Tr 17 (TRY)   2.22  
Poland 27.49 (PLN)   6.2  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 22.5 (SAR)   5.28  
Czech Republic 171 (CZK)   6.41  
Swenden kr 60 (SEK)   5.75  
Norway kr 61 (NOK)   5.75  
Israel 22.5 (ILS)   5.75  
Thailand ฿ 209 (THB)   5.84  
South Korea 7500 (KRW)   5.44  
MTCGame 6.42 (EUR)   6.42  

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Lost in the mountains, the working village continues to work for the benefit of the universe.
Orders for cargo continue to arrive and local bunnies no longer cope with the tasks.

They sent you to the cargo village to help organize all the goods in their place at the warehouse, but you will have to work hard for this.

You can choose between 3 levels of difficulty of the warehouse, relax with the locals, swim, jump and of course kick.

Take a friend with you to cooperative mode to solve warehouse maze puzzles faster. You only have your powerful paws for cargo kicks and you can do it!

In addition to solving the main problem in the labyrinths of the warehouse, you can kick the locals, relax in hammocks, swim, play football and get perks in a local cafe. And you can ride and have fun in cars.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)


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