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  • Release date : 01/05/2018
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The critically acclaimed Super Mega Baseball series is back with gorgeous new visuals, deep team and league customization, and long-awaited online multiplayer modes.

Accessible mechanics. Deep skill curve. Visceral pacing. Light-hearted vibe. Serious simulation.

Rookie or baseball purist, SMB2 packs a mode for everyone. Compete in ranked matchmaking (1v1), dominate friends in arranged matches (1v1, 2v1, 2v2), or take on the AI (solo, local co-op, online co-op) - all kept fair by Ego, the genre's most flexible difficulty system.

Take in the sights and sounds of the ballpark:
• Gorgeous stadiums using PBR rendering technology
• New, more realistically scaled character models
• Overhauled user interface

Got game? Show your stuff online:
• Dedicated servers
• Competitive online matchmaking (1v1)
• Cooperative online season play (2vCPU)
• Friendly online exhibition play (1v1, 2v1, 2v2, 2vCPU)

Your team, your league, your way:
• Edit player names, appearance, gear, animations and skills
• Customize team names, logos, and uniforms
• Create leagues and configure divisions and conferences
• Choose game length, season length, and playoff bracket size

Take the field for a refined baseball experience:
• Critically-acclaimed ‘Ego’ system with 100 difficulty levels
• Realistic baseball simulation and accurate physics
• Tight controls and fast-paced gameplay
• Deep, multi-season stat tracking
• Solo, co-op or versus play – online or off

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