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France 22.99  
USA 20.33  
Canada 20.02  
South Africa 24.36  
Mexico 18.79  
Germany 22.99  
Spain 22.99  
England 22.39  
Australia 21.72  
Turkey 10.85  
Poland 24.25  
Czech Republic 25.62  
Swenden 21.86  
Norway 24.03  
Israel 21.01  
Italy 22.99  
Portugal 22.99  
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Single player modes:
• Fight enemies, complete missions & work your way up the ranks in Campaign.
• Explore and build with or without the threat of enemies in Creative.
• Build the fastest Tech you can and beat your previous race times in Gauntlet.

PvP Multiplayer:
Jump into a 4-player PvP battle to win the most fights within the time limit, or team up in a classic red vs. blue match. Choose from the four pre-made Corporation Techs and its additional starting blocks, grab and build as you fight, earn kill streak rewards, and protect your cab at all costs.

The Galactic Survey Organisation, or GSO, is the all-rounder starting Corporation, but it would be a mistake to underestimate them.

GeoCorp produces solid, durable and downright enormous Techs that handle tasks that no other Corporation can stand up to, from mass harvesting to heavy lifting.

You’ll be zooming past everyone on ground and in air with Venture, but you better stay protected.

Hawkeye is the militarised combat-focused Corporation, designed to make armoured tanks and target-seeking aircraft.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)


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