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See prices of The Arbiter Leader Pack

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Store Price Discount Convert Link
France 6.99 (EUR)   6.99  
Hong-Kong $ 41 (HKD)   4.77  
USA $ 5.99 (USD)   5.47  
Canada $ 7.99 (CAD)   5.53  
Singapore $ 7.15 (SGD)   4.83  
Brazil R$ 20 (BRL)   3.79  
Japan ¥ 648 (JPY)   4.11  
South Africa R 96.6 (ZAR)   4.76  
Mexico $ 143 (MXN)   7.63  
Taiwan NT$ 175 (TWD)   5.15  
Germany 6.98 (EUR)   6.98  
Spain 6.98 (EUR)   6.98  
England £ 4.79 (GBP)   5.57  
Australia $ 9.95 (AUD)   6.07  
Poland 25.19 (PLN)   5.66  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 24 (SAR)   5.84  
Czech Republic 179 (CZK)   7.58  
Swenden kr 64.6 (SEK)   5.5  
Norway kr 59 (NOK)   5  
Israel 30.5 (ILS)   7.58  
Italy 6.98 (EUR)   6.98  
Portugal 6.99 (EUR)   6.99  
South Korea 5840 (KRW)   4.11  
MTCGame 3.28 (EUR)   3.28  

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The hallowed title of “Arbiter” was both an honor and a death sentence, as every Arbiter knows that his true purpose is to die gloriously in the service of the Prophets. Of all Arbiters, it is said Ripa ‘Moramee took the most joy from the destruction he inflicted for his Prophets and now Ripa returns once again to plague the captain and crew of the Spirit of Fire with an Arbiter’s righteous fury.

The Arbiter Leader Pack includes many game-changing new powers and units, including:
• Powerful Arbiter melee hero unit which gets stronger the more enemies he kills
• The Conduit of Rage ability makes your units more powerful with every leader power you deploy
• Stasis abilities to freeze your enemies
• Special flying Phantom dropships to both transport and garrison units

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

The Arbiter Leader Pack is a DLC that works on these games

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