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Store Convert Link
France 4.79  
Hong-Kong 4.17  
India 3.28  
USA 4.2  
Canada 4.12  
Singapore 4.47  
Brazil 4.12  
Japan 4.58  
South Africa 4.95  
Mexico 3.88  
Taiwan 4.62  
Germany 4.79  
Spain 4.79  
England 4.46  
Australia 4.37  
Turkey 2.04  
Poland 5.17  
Saudi Arabia 4.22  
Czech Republic 5.36  
Swenden 4.54  
Norway 5.07  
Israel 4.38  
Thailand 4.84  
Italy 4.79  
Portugal 4.79  
Russia 4.23  

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It’s the year 2086 and the Velocity G anti gravity racing championship is on.

Experience incredible high speed action as you race across exiting Zero-G tracks, through various environments.

You’ll need to take the optimum racing line, make strategic use of collectible enhancements and avoid damage to win races so that you can upgrade your racer, compete at higher levels and rise up the Velocity G championship rankings.

Race single player in the Velocity G Championship, or team up with 2-4 local players to compete against your friends in split screen multiplayer mode.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)


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